Denmark Resolves the Technical Issues of Immigration


Denmark Immigration has been facing the problem associated with the technical issues and the visa processing has come to halt. Officially the Denmark Immigration failed to deliver the services to the prospective immigrants. After the temporary issues related to the immigration services, now again the system is equipped with the requisite tools to provide the […]

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Denmark Visa for dependents of international students


International students in Denmark will have the facility to bring their love ones to Denmark if they have the proof of sufficient funds and simple immigration requirements. The student dependent visa is specifically designed for the dependents; they will have the benefit of residence permits along with the residents. The dependents can work and study […]

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Denmark Green Card for Global Professionals


Denmark is one in all the European Union the foremost active members of the EU within the enlisting of competent foreign employees. Denmark’s immigration policy uses a points -based system known as “Danish green Card” to attractiveness to competent employees from countries outside the EU. The Denmark conjointly include a system of labor permits for […]

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